April 6, 2007:
KFYR-TV features Liz Gjellstad and her "Thor's Favorites" lefse DVD!


Potato Lefse

Many people want to make lefse but remain intimidated by the unfamiliarity of the labor-intensive preparations. Liz helps beginners get started, offering clear and simple step-by-step instructions for the entire process. Liz explains equipment, recipes, and rolling techniques. Rather than a one-time class, you can replay this DVD repeatedly until you get it right. Included with this DVD are two bonus segments: Liz's Tips and Tricks, and two recipe cards, featuring lefse recipes using both boiled and instant potatoes.

Enjoy lefse as a bread substitute for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Use it as a wrap for boiled eggs, deli meats and cheeses, hot dogs and sausages, or any of your favorite fillings. Serve lefse with butter and sugar as a sweet treat for your afternoon coffee or as an addition a holiday meal.